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Whether a 5-star or cheap hotel, you have a duty of care to keep clean premises for customers. With multiple occupants within a short period, it is vital that hotels can quickly and thoroughly sanitise their rooms. Hotels are also a business that is open 24 hours a day.

Hotel rooms are used by people with unknown medical histories and occupations, meaning that they are high-risk areas for contamination. Possible clients can include those who are symptom-less or those with a pre-existing medical issue. Another possible use for hotel rooms during the pandemic is NHS workers trying to avoid spreading the virus to their homes. These examples demonstrate that COVID-19 can easily spread from one room to another, and one person to another.

Decontamination is needed to assure visitors and staff that they are in a safe environment. With multiple rooms, floors and non-customer facing areas, decontamination is needed to rid the premises of COVID-19 particles completely.