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COVID-19 Management Solutions For All Premises


Safety isn’t the only reason why your business would require decontamination during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mitigating the risk of the coronavirus is vital for protection and reassurance that you are maintaining safe standards by handling the viral outbreak with the proper preparedness and professionalism. 

Reassurance isn’t just for staff and your customer base but for anyone who has an interest within the business. Suppliers need assurance your premises are clean before resuming deliveries just as those receiving supplies need assurance their stock is coming from a sanitary factory/warehouse. 

Whether there has been confirmed or suspected contamination on your premises, decontamination can offer a quick and thorough way to ensure your business can reopen quickly and provide a safe environment. Decontamination is also an excellent precautionary measure, removing any lingering particles that may be on surfaces or equipment.

For businesses that deal with food or the transfer of stock, eco-friendly decontamination is a safe method of fighting coronavirus. It leaves nothing behind as it uses biodegradable materials and cleans without wetting or marking surfaces, making it safe to use in kitchens and around stock and merchandise.

These, along with facilities management and other businesses, may have a duty of care to uphold safe environments and safeguard against COVID-19, making decontamination a necessary service.

Housing Associations & Sheltered Housing

Housing Associations have a duty of care to keep their properties decontaminated for their tenants. With potential tenants coming and going as well as vulnerable tenants, it is vital that housing associations and sheltered housing can quickly and thoroughly decontaminate their rooms. 

Rooms are used by people with unknown medical histories and occupations, meaning that they are high-risk areas for contamination. NHS workers using rooms to avoid spreading the virus to their homes, carriers who are symptomless or those with pre-existing medical issues are possible clients.

Decontamination is needed to assure visitors and staff that they are in a safe environment. With multiple rooms, floors and non-customer facing areas, such as kitchens, decontamination is needed to rid the premises of COVID-19 particles completely.

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Bowling Clubs, Golf Clubs, Football Clubs, Rugby Clubs, Tennis Clubs & Cricket Clubs

Golf clubs will require full decontamination if they wish to continue regular services soon after quarantine.

Proper safeguards and precautionary methods are vital for places where large groups of people may be close together. With varied visitors, different equipment and areas which serve food and drink, there are many ways golf clubs may become contaminated. 

To ease any fears, decontamination can ensure a safer environment, whether this is in the foyer, bathrooms, bar or golf shop.

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Charity Shops & Superstores

Charity shops see traffic from all different kinds of people, some of which may have a higher risk of carrying COVID-19 or more vulnerable to the effects of it.

Smaller shops are also pretty compact so social distancing is not as easy, leading to a greater unease about visiting.

Charity shops also contain merchandise and objects from different people and places. It's nearly impossible to determine if donated items have been cleaned correctly and if they are completely clear of COVID-19 particles. 

Decontamination can ensure that the premises and every piece of merchandise inside are thoroughly sanitised. This will help ensure the safety of staff and customers and ease fears donators or shoppers may have about visiting charity shops.

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Charity Offices

When charity offices reopen fully, and workers start to return to their usual routine, businesses have a duty of care to their staff to maintain a safe environment.

This not only will mitigate liability in case of an incident but ease the transition back to reopening. Decontamination is required quickly across all offices to not only clean surfaces but to make sure there are no lingering COVID-19 particles.

Offices are also environments where groups of people work closely together, many of which may be symptomless carriers or with heightened vulnerability to COVID-19.

Decontamination is a necessary safeguard against the spread of coronavirus and creates a safer working environment. This precautionary method allows staff and volunteers to return to charity offices without the added fear of contracting the virus.

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Drop-In Centres

Drop-in centres are potentially high-risk environments for COVID-19. This is due to the high number of people who visit the centres which may be symptomless carriers or have heightened vulnerability to the coronavirus. 

These centres are buildings made up of many rooms, all manner of equipment and surfaces that virus particles can be contaminated with coronavirus.

Decontamination can quickly and safely clean the entire building regardless of its layout or contents, ensuring that no virus particles remain on any surfaces and acting as a necessary safeguard against the virus spreading. 

Decontamination will also create a safer environment for people to visit if they need to, making sure that fear of catching the virus doesn't prevent people from receiving the help they need.

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Places of Worship

Places of worship are usually considered safe spaces for individuals or crowds to gather; however, the current pandemic means that this can be challenging.

To keep visitors safe and the premises free of COVID-19 decontamination is required. Deep cleaning every room and every surface can make people feel more comfortable. It can help ease people into returning to a place of worship without any added fear.

Thorough decontamination can properly safeguard the premises against the coronavirus and get them ready to reopen once the lockdown is lifted. 

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Sports Clubs

Sports clubs are currently closed during the pandemic, which makes now a time to properly apply safeguards ready for them to open again. With high foot traffic and many touchpoints, the spreading of contaminates can happen easily and quickly.

Decontamination is needed to thoroughly rid a sports club of COVID-19. The fogging method is an effective means of deep cleaning the many surfaces, pieces of equipment and every room safely and cost-effectively.

By decontaminating the premises, you can demonstrate you are taking the issue of the virus seriously. It also shows that you are doing everything necessary to create a safer environment by mitigating the risks of the coronavirus spreading. 

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