Why Professional Decontamination Can Help You Or Your Business

Reasons To Protect Your Property & Rental Or Hire Vehicle

Have you had a case of coronavirus in your property or rental/hire vehicle?

  • You've had a confirmed contamination?
  • You've had a suspected contamination?
  • Mitigate risk of liability
  • Avoid wilful negligence
  • Good governance through precautionary measures
  • Facilitate a safe environment
  • Duty of care to all who visit or use your premises
  • Decontamination can be deployed quickly (can be done within one hour of treatment)
  • Protect those who visit or work on your premises:
    • Staff
    • Residents
    • Members of the Public
    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Delivery Partners
  • Avoid heightened risk and anxiety
  • Protect those who have underlying health conditions e.g pulimonary fibrosis; respiratory (breathing) difficulties

COVID-19 is fast to spread and easy to catch. This is why The Corona Killers are ready and willing to decontaminate your property or vehicle, no matter the reason and no matter the size.