COVID-19 Decontamination Pricing

Tailored Pricing On All Cleans To Keep Costs Low


Fees vary depending on a range of criteria, essentially though it will be guided by the size of property, number of rooms and height of rooms to be decontaminated. Those will then drive the time and materials needed to complete your decontamination.

  • Time:
    • Travel (£0.30 per mile)
    • Setup
    • Fogging
    • Disassemble & Clear Up
  • Materials:
    • Disposable PPE
    • Chemicals
    • Fuel

We are very transparent with our rates but need to establish what is involved before giving you a fixed cost for the agreed work.

Labour rates vary depending on location but are typically from £40/hr+vat per Decontamination Specialist, volume of hours is dependant on the job.

Given it is very difficult to give a standard pricing we've pulled together what the INDICATIVE cost has been for previous clients based on their own situations.

Scenario 1: 2hrs: £160+vat e.g. Bedsit (Living Room; Toilet; Bedroom; Hallway)

Scenario 2: 3hrs: £250+vat e.g. 1-2 Bed Property or Small Office (2 Staffed Rooms; 1 Conference Meeting Room; 1 Toilet; 1 Cupboard; 1 Hallway; 1 Stairwell)

Scenario 3: 4hrs: £400+vat e.g. Medium Office

Scenario 4: 10hrs £1,000+vat e.g Business Centre

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